How to Create Safe Examination Room With Biometric Identification Terminal?

China ushered the most special college entrance exam this year. Examinees and teachers are required to submit a health status report for 14 consecutive days before exam, and they need to detect body temperature on that day. Besides, biometric identificationsystem and cheating prevention and control systems will be used to safeguard examination fairness.

Using biometric identification terminal in the examination room can accurately identify examinees identification and improve verification efficiency. In the past, it took about 2 minutes to manually detect examinee paper identity documents. With a biometric identification device, it only takes a few seconds with even more accurate accuracy than manual verification. For bettersolve tens of millions examinees temperature detection and identity identification two major needs under epidemic normalization situation, Telpo launched biometric identification terminal TPS980T.
The terminal can not only support face recognition verification method,…

Big News| Telpo Local Network Solution Release Officially

Informatization is a great trend of modern economy and social development nowadays. The development and utilization of information resource is an important direct. Resource sharing, high-speed information transmission, collaborative office, remote access cannot separate from the local area network (LAN). As LAN application is very extensive, Telpo officially release Telpo local network solution to facilitate partner work.

What Is LAN?
LAN is the abbreviation of local area network, and users are only available to access the server from fix network in a fix place. Network coverage area is generally within a few kilometers. With convenient installation and expansion, cost saving and so on characteristics, it is widely used in all kinds of office.
Why Should Deploy LAN Solution?
As data need not go through Internet, data security can be greatly guaranteed. Furthermore, the server located at local area network can quickly respond to all requests of APP. In the use procedure, properly maintain…

Why QR Code Payment Gradually Gain Popularity Across The World?

Burma planned to launch national standard QR code MMQR recently after Japan issued its unified QR code JPQR. As more and more countries issue policies to promote QR code payment development, it is expected to become one of the global popular payment methods. Why QR code payment will gain more popularity during the epidemic? And how did QR code payment become popular step by step? If we want to know something of it, we should start with its development resistance and advantages. To begin with, people should take it in mind that credit card payment will be badly impacted once QR code payment widely use to a certain extent. This condition will further affect the interest of relevant banks, consortiums and enterprises, which are the strong financial sources in the country. Without national policy support, merchants are unwilling to input much sunk costs to promote QR code payment. Importantly, If not capital and technology input to optimize consumer experience, consumer won’t easily change p…

How To Choose Cost-effective Temperature Measurement Device?

At present, temperature measurement device has become an indispensable epidemic prevention measure. Due to low precision, manual operation, long waiting time and easy cross-infection disadvantages, traditional temperature measuring gun fail to meet market demand. And large volume and high cost cause temperature door hard to be widely used. Therefore, non-contact, strong flexible and high cost-effective temperature measurement device is more popular in the market. The temperature measurement device can be differentiated according to product form, product configuration, scene application requirements and so on. Then, how to choose a cost-effective temperature device? Product Form According to product form, temperature measurement device can be divided into four categories include gate, vertical, wall-mounted and desktop. Users can choose appropriate product form and corresponding installation method following scenario requirement. Product Configuration High-precision thermometry function is t…

Why Walmart Plan To Replace Cashier With Self-checkout Kiosk?

Walmart is planning to replace cashiers and conveyor belt lanes with self-checkout kiosk, according to a report from Fox Business. Walmart’s move is partially in response to reduce coronavirus spread and creates less interaction shopping environment. Walmart’s test will firstly start at a store with no cashiers and only self-checkout in Fayetteville, Arkansas. And workers will still be here to help those who might have trouble with the self-checkout kiosk. If the process go smoothly and indeed speed up checkout process, this model will be expanded to more stores. In fact, earlier in 2017, Walmart has already put forward the concept to reduce cashier as so to cut cost. The unexpected coronavirus just put it at the table and accelerate self-checkout process. Even though people have different views on self-checkout, but it undoubtedly has certain advantages than traditional checkout method. To begin with, self-checkout speed is faster. The traditional cashiers require customers queue up at …

Case Share | Telpo Zero Touch Temperature Checking Terminal Assist Church Resume Orderly

For some parishioners,church is a place where they can utilize and practice their God-given spiritual gifts.With such belief, church attendanceis a necessary and essential activity for parishioners. However, all Sunday services in church were cancelled in light of continuously developing situation with COVID-19 in the past few months. Luckily, a church resumed all services at a maximum of 50 people under theguideline ofall government health & safety regulations on June. As fever is the mainsymptom of COVID-19 and mask is proved to be an effective method to prevent virus, temperature checking and mask detection is crucial step to resume church.   It is reported that the temperature checking trminal is the key to maintain church orderly and scientifically resume. The reason why the church chose Telpothermometry device is that it can synchronously achieve zero touch temperature checking and mask detection. Parishionersonly need to stand in front of the device, andtheir forehead tempera…

Self-service Check-out Kiosk Better Solve Supermarket Labor Shortage

Impacted by pandemic, people need to follow self-isolation and stay at home policy, which heavily limit their go out and easily cause labor shortage in necessary public places. However, people were accustomed to purchase basic daily commodity at supermarket which is facing labor shortage now.

How to solve supermarket labor shortage and guarantee both workers and shoppers security under such strictly period? Walmart planned to recruit 150,000 temporary workers in response to shopper panic shopping. Further, it adjusted its open time and set up senior hour to reduce human contact and make more vulnerable shoppers enjoy less-congested shopping time.
Actually, the continuous developing technology generously provides another method to reduce manpower, namely, the self-service check-out kiosk, which can reduce human contact and infection risk, and enhance checkout efficiency without manual handling at huge people flow places like supermarket, shopping malls and so on.

And high-quality self-…